Cross-cultural Strategies - International Market Development & Elite Sports Team Liaison
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Highly visible, highly promoted events in the field of sport competition focus generally on two things: a financially successful execution of the event that satisfy the requirements of organizing bodies, sponsors and participants, and the provision of a safe and high-quality experience for the athletes, officials and fans. International events have an additional, added challenge: ensuring accurate and complete communications on all levels to satisfy a multitude of languages and cultures. CCS can make a difference.

  • Consultative services for planning major international events
  • Simultaneous interpretation, press events and interviews
  • Team liaison services with linguistic support (national teams at major events)
  • Adaptation of TV interviews, press and promotional materials to global audiences
  • Core languages: English, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch
  • Development of international sports partnerships, academies, sports clinics and outreaches

Elite athletes and teams, both professional and amateur that are under contract or competing outside their native countries are usually faced with many challenges in their adaptation to their new environments: fitting in with their new surroundings and personnel as well as absorbing the stresses of high pressure competition and expectations. CCS has the experience in competitive sports arenas and the inter-cultural tools to assist them.

  • Liaison expertise for elite sports teams (coach/ player/ press multilingual communications)
  • Translation, adaptation of athlete web sites with a global audience
  • One on one support and counsel for athletes adapting to overseas assignments
  • Inter-agency liaison consulting between teams, event organizers, international sanctioning bodies (FIFA, IOC, etc.)
  • Core disciplines and past experience: Elite Soccer (Football), Auto racing (F1, CART, Indy), Amateur Soccer, Soccer Development Leagues, Olympic Sports (Basketball, Track & Field, Water Polo, Volleyball)